The Banyan Living Learning Culture: Investing in Our Team Members Future is Our #1 Priority!

Banyan Living is committed to providing an enriching and rewarding work environment and experience for each and every team member. Therefore our #1 priority is to unceasingly cultivate our “Learning Culture” supported by our superior Banyan Training & Professional Development Programs. As an organization rooted in deep Learning Culture values, we encourage and facilitate continuous learning amongst all company members from the entry level all the way up through Senior Management and even Ownership!

Our Banyan Training Program endlessly provides team members with new and/or the strengthening of skills that need improving for their current role. Team members are openly encouraged to request training in any area of their position where they feel it is needed and that support will be immediately and respectfully provided. 

Our Banyan Professional Development Program continuously focuses on what our organization can do to support each and every team member with respect to their future professional aspirations. Ongoing we consistently create the appropriate training programs to facilitate these goals. 

So why is establishing a well cultivated Learning Culture so important?

According to Fortune Magazine’s 2019 Best Companies To Work For:

Having a well developed Learning and Professional Development Program and Culture was sighted as being the single most important criteria in determining who the best  companies to work for in 2019 were.” 

Through our dynamic Learning Culture, our Banyan Living Team Members enjoy a work experience with the following benefit highlights:

  1. Increased Team Member work satisfaction – by feeling cared for by our company that is committed to their individual professional growth.
  2. Greater career growth, realization of their full professional potential and a readiness for advancement opportunities. 
  3. A positive Team Spirited Mind Set and Environment
  4. Being 58% more prepared to meet future demands and changing environments.
  5. Enjoying 37% greater productivity.
  6. Greater ease during transitions – team members have an enhanced ability to adapt to change.
  7. An extraordinary and vibrant company culture that operates at the height of our professional potential and ready and able to grow with no boundaries

Support for Success

Banyan Living has developed and maintains a culture of learning that promotes ongoing training. The primary pillar of this culture is our Train of Knowledge program which provides you with countless corporate trainers. These trainers instill experienced knowledge across the entire spectrum of Banyan Living services and give each team member the tools necessary to rise through the ranks. Physical day-to-day tools continue to evolve with the needs and objectives of our partners and clients. The Banyan Living digital sophistication is fostered by industry-leading CRM and artificial intelligence systems that each team member not only leverages, but masters.

Support for Success

Advanced CRM & Technology

Constant Training & Advancement

Grow Forth with Banyan

Banyan Living is eager to speak with ambitious and passionate individuals with or without previous industry experience and urge those who are seeking a fulfilling work and career experience to contact us to discuss potential opportunities!