We Invest and

Grow with You.

Banyan continues to grow and provide exceptional
property management services and real estate investment opportunities.

Banyan identifies large-scale multi-family real estate opportunities and successfully brings them to life. Our dynamic, multi-pronged approach sees every phase of investment and development to fruition, from the initial opportunity analysis and capitalization to the ongoing implementation of the Business Plan. We create value through renovations, repositionings, rebranding or added operational efficiency.

Rooted in Service.

Banyan creates exceptional, innovative, personalized and valuable investment and living experiences for partners and residents. These best-in-class opportunities are only made possible by a comprehensive suite of professional services. Banyan services are delivered through state-of-the-art technology and close networking as we maintain accurate reporting with great transparency and granularity, and outstanding customer service that results in outsized returns to investors.

Look Forward to Living at Banyan.

The multi-family property management arm of Banyan creates catered living experiences with modern amenities for our residents and unrivaled value and opportunity for our investors. Over the past 20 years, Banyan has steered clients and investors toward markets with the most opportunity for financial upside. This unique, visionary model has proven worthwhile, resulting in a diverse portfolio of best-in-class properties from townhomes and lofts to garden apartments. These properties are supported by a full array of professional property management services facilitated by the experienced team at Banyan.

Banyan Projects.

Our most recent property development is The Vanguard of Polaris Apartments. With spacious, luxury floor plans, a prime location and modern amenities, The Vanguard provides the ideal lifestyle for residents and tremendous upside for our investors.

In addition to The Vanguard Apartments, below are some examples of past successes Banyan has executed.

Stow, OH

Acquired in 2013 to Implement Capital Improvements and Refinance Loan

Doubled Initial Equity Investment

IRR Between 40-50%

Kent, OH

288 Class A Multi-Family Units

Grown NOI by 20% Despite 50% Tax Increase

Water Sub-Metering Resulting in Benefit of Over $30,000/Year

Sheffield Lake, OH

Assumed a $9.6M Freddie Mac Loan in 2015

Boosted Occupancy from 75% to 98%; NOI Grown to Over 50%

All Equity Invested Returned in Just Two Years



As we prepare the next stage of Banyan growth, we look forward to building partnerships that put our team’s experience and expertise to use for you. Complete the form or call 516-240-8050 to begin the Banyan conversation.