About Us

We Create Luxury Lifestyles

Based in Westlake, Ohio, Banyan Living is the multi-family property management arm of Banyan Realty Partners. We are comprised of a passionate, dedicated team of specialists that create catered lifestyle experiences for our residents and rewarding growth opportunities for our employees. At Banyan Living, we take pride in offering a variety of best-in-class lifestyle accommodations. It shows in our achievements such as winning multiple NOAA Gold Awards including Overall Community Appeal. This award-winning service is accomplished through unique amenities, luxurious surroundings and comfortable living atmospheres combined with our outstanding customer service. You deserve to be treated with the utmost respect, professionalism and consideration. Our Banyan Living culture reflects that and provides memorable living experiences with value, comfort and residents’ needs in mind.

The Banyan Mission

Whether you’re a prospective investor or resident, it is our mission to provide the most value for your financial goals and lifestyle.

The Banyan Vision

Our vision is to create exceptional, innovative, personalized and valuable business and living experiences for our investment partners and residents.

Banyan Values

Outstanding Customer Service

We treat everyone with respect and pride ourselves on conscientiousness. Every member of our team is not only knowledgable, but approachable, congenial and accessible. 

Exceptional Experiences

Imagine the most hospitable travel experience you’ve ever had; where every one of your needs is attended to before having to ask. Now picture all those needs fulfilled with courtesy and timeliness. This is the Banyan approach to our residents’ needs.

The Banyan Executive Team

The Banyan Living team leverages a strong, positive company culture as well as inviduals’ skills, knowledge and experience to offer residents superior customer service. Our team places a strong emphasis on elevating residents’ experiences, providing idyllic lifestyle amenities and addressing needs before they arise.

Phillip Philippou

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Phillip is our key visionary and strategist, who advises on, then formulates the initial, intermediate and long-term business plan respective of each property’s specific needs and goals for all of our Banyan Living clients and partners. Phil has developed an extraordinarily talented, dedicated and completely hands-on infrastructure team, that under his keen direction, implements the agreed-upon plan for optimal investment and resident lifestyle success.

Amanda Smeltzer

Executive Vice President

Amanda’s long, extensive and high-level regional property management experience, adds the local element and elevated insight to Banyan Living! With great skill and efficiency, Amanda serves as the trusted overarching liaison and team leader in the implementation of all matters pertaining to Banyan’s day-to-day operations inclusive of all its functions from financial reporting, asset management interface with capital providers, to human resources and internet technology.

Emily Truex

Vice President of Operations

With acute knowledge and commanding proficiency, Emily serves as Banyan’s compliance, policies and procedures specialist. Emily further leads, directs and executes all aspects of operations and leasing strategy at the property site level for the entire Banyan portfolio.

Claudia Mohsen

Regional Manager and Corporate Trainer

Since joining us in 2012, Claudia continues to distinguish herself, prompting her rapid growth through the Banyan ranks. Fueled by passion, commitment to excellence and a collaborative leadership style, Claudia established a niche talent for masterfully bringing challenged assets through stabilization. In her current role, she is responsible for increasing site-level productivity through effective oversight and insightful mentoring.

Jose Escobar

Director of Human Resources

Jose is responsible for building, leading and managing the entire HR and talent team at Banyan Living, which includes human resources, talent acquisition, and employee relations. He leads and supports programming that promotes the company’s high-performance culture, emphasizing employee empowerment, quality and excellence, in order to achieve growth objectives.

Ready to flourish under the Banyan tree?